I didn’t see you coming

13 May 2019

I didn’t see you coming

today I saw with my own eyes
wading though files photos mails
I waded through overgrown smses
gazed into eyes like gills
and I thought: healthy

pink lips like spawn in a cavity
promised much –
a body to equal the intellect

once in the Venetian square
fathers offered their daughters for sale –
hawked them… in the name of their happiness
now they happily offer themselves for auction
all it takes is a few crafty clicks on Photoshop

today I saw you with my own eyes
pushed through the paths
(desires and delights)
scents I desired to feel
to discover under your skin and wrist
parting the folds of the dress
to smooth the pulp
squeeze out pips of sensitivity
touch the core of the promise

today I saw you with my own eyes –
there was an emptiness

barrenness in a shell
like the files of words mothered by

Translation Graham Crawford
Anturaż, FONT 2019

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